Part Conditions

Throughout the site, and especially for parts, you’ll see certain product condition codes. These codes are shorthand for the following part conditions:

  • NE: Factory New Parts with Full Traceability

  • OH: Overhauled

  • SV: Serviceable

  • NS: New Parts, Other Sources

Explanation Of Part Conditions

Factory New Parts with Full Traceability (NE) are obtained directly from an original equipment manufacturer, authorized distributor, or other known source. These items will be accompanied by an FAA 8130-3 or manufacturer’s certificate of conformance.

Overhauled (OH) and Serviceable (SV) components, or “rotables”, are supplied with either  FAA 8130-3 or CAA Form 1 certification and vendor strip reports. Items are certified by FAA (U.S.) or CAA (United Kingdom) approved repair stations as overhauled, repaired, functionally tested, or inspected as applicable. Also see [Warranty Policy]. 

New Parts, Other Sources (NS) are new parts from other known sources such as service centers, operators, and distributors. We only buy new surplus (NS) material from known, non-military sources.

It is our company policy to call out NS items at the time of inquiry or quotation, describing exactly what, if any, certification is included.  Further, written consent via purchase order or email from the Customer is required prior to our release of these items.

To ensure compliance with customer quality programs, every NS item sold comes with an accurate traceability statement. We offer a money back guarantee for all unused, unopened material returned within ten days of the original purchase ([see Return Goods Policy]). 

Condition of Sale Codes

In addition to part conditions, we also have sale conditions that include Outright Sale (OR) and Exchange Sale (EX). 

  • For more information on outright sales, see our [Part Return Policy] page.

  • For more information on exchange sales, see our [Part Exchange Policy] page.