Hawker 1000

Hawker 1000


The Hawker 1000 was designed as a Long Range, Mid-Size Jet.  The intention with this model was to carve out a market niche that was somewhat unique for the time.  There were small, short range jets, Mid Sized Mid-Range Jets, and Large, Long Range Jets.

The cabin of the 1000 is quite roomy at 24.4 feet long, not counting the cockpit.  Cabin height is 5.8 feet, width 6 feet. 

The 1000 was fitted with Pratt and Whitney PW305 Engines.   A new feature of these engines is the Full Authority Digital Control (FADEC) system.  The system optimizes fuel use for the best possible range and performance.   With a maximum range of 3,530 miles (3,098 nm), the 1000 boasted true Inter-continental range.

With a Honeywell SPX-8000 dual-channel, fail operational digital flight system, the Hawker 1000 Cockpit was quite advanced for its time.

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Manufacturer British Aerospace
Years Built 1991 to 2000
Serial Number Range 259001 to 259052
Units Manufactured 52
Units in Operation as of 01/01/2022 38
Length/Height/Wing Span 53.9 ft; 17.1 ft; 51.4 ft
Capacity 3 Crew; 8 Passengers
Ramp Weight w/Full Fuel 31,000 lbs
Max Take-off Weight 31,000 lbs
Average Cruise Speed 390 knots
Ceiling 43,000 feet
Climb Rate 3,577 feet per minute
Range 3,098 NM with seats full
Engines Two Pratt and Whitney PW305's
TBO 5,000 (w/upgrade)
Thrust 4,679