Hawker 700A

Hawker 700A

The HS125 700 made its Maiden Flight in June 28, 1976.

In stature, the 700 series Hawker is nearly identical to the 600 series.   The main difference is the engines.   The 1970’s ushered in the age of the much quieter and much more fuel-efficient Turbo Fan Jet Engine, and in the Business Jet world, the British Aerospace HS125-700 was near the front of the line to be fitted with the latest Garrett (now Honeywell) TFE-731-3 Engines.    APR, or automatic performance reserve, was added, allowing the engines’ maximum parameters to be overridden and exceeded during an emergency such as an engine out situation.

The 700 also received a new Collins Avionics Suite including AFCS (automatic flight control system); and a brightened-up interior.  The only physical difference of the exteriors between the 600 and 700 models, besides the noticeably larger engine inlet nacelle, was a slightly larger ventral fin for the 700,

Pressure refueling was added to the Hawker 700, allowing for quick, convenient fuel stops.

Notes of Interest

Each Hawker 125-700A, if completed in North America, will have two serial numbers, one factory serial number beginning with ’25,’ and the North American serial number beginning with ‘NA.”

A vs B

Hawker A models were originally manufactured and certified under the FAA for customers in North America; while B Models were certified in England for customers operating in Europe, Africa, and the Middle and Far East.

As of January 01, 2022, there are 96 700A Models remaining in operation; and 86 700A Models retired,

16 B Models remain in operation; while 17 are retired.

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Manufacturer British Aerospace
Years Built 1977 to 1985
Serial Number Range 257001 to 257215
Units Manufactured 214
Units in Operation as of 01/01/2022 96
Length/Width/Wing Span 50.7 ft; 17.6 ft; 47 ft
Capacity 2 Crew; 8 Passengers
Ramp Weight w/Full Fuel 25,200 lbs
Max Take-off Weight 25,200 lbs
Average Cruise Speed 424 Knots
Ceiling 41,000 ft
Climb Rate 2,900 feet per minute
Range 2,300 NM w/Seats Full
Engines Two Honeywell TFE731-3R-1H
TBO 4,200 hrs (w/upgrade)
Thrust 3,700 lbs