Hawker 900XP

Hawker 900XP

Receiving its type certificate in August 2007, the Hawker 900XP retains all of the 850XP’s advanced performance features and capabilities in terms of fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and comfort.

Added improvements include two Honeywell TFE731-50R engines designed specifically for the aircraft. The new engines on the 900XP are rated at the same 4,660 pounds of thrust for takeoff as the '-5BR' engines on the 850XP, however the more efficient 50R’s produce maximum power through a much higher-density altitude. For example, at 68 degrees Fahrenheit at 5,000 feet runway elevation, the earlier 5BR engines could make 3,800 pounds of thrust, where the new 50R’s produce 3,970 pounds. The extra 4.5 percent thrust at altitude allows the 900XP to climb directly to its 41,000 feet ceiling after a maximum-weight takeoff, something the earlier engine allowed under only cool temperatures aloft. Increased fuel efficiency improves the 900XP’s range with the same fuel load to 2,800 nautical miles, up from 2600, making the Hawker 900XP a true coast to coast airplane.

Take-off performance for the 900XP at 68 degrees F is an impressive 6,700 feet with the new engines, vs 8,000 feet for the 850XP.

Engine TBO (Time before overhaul) for the TFE731-50R’s is extended to 6,000 hours, up from a max TBO of 5,000 hours for the 850XP Model with upgraded TFE731-5BR-2C’s.

The improved performance and extended engine life adds up to lower operating cost overhaul for the Hawker 900XP.

Similar to the 850XP, the Hawker Model 900XP features Factory Winglets, a Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, 4 – 8 ×10-inch adaptive monitors displaying navigation, terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS), weather, reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) and enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS).

With a cabin volume of 551 cubic feet and baggage of 50 Cubic Feet, the 900XP features stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, five swiveling, reclining (fully berthable) seats, a three-place divan, and plenty of in-cabin storage.

Notes of Interest

The Hawker 900XP and Hawker 750 were the last of the Hawker 125 Models produced by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. Hawker 900XP Serial Number HA-0213, the last certified Hawker 125, left Wichita in September 2012, marking the end of a fifty-year production run for the Hawker 125 program.

Textron Aviation, subsidiary of Textron, Inc. (TXT), acquired Hawker Beechcraft Corp. (HBC) in March 2014.

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Manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft Corp.
Years Built 2007 to 2012
Serial Number Range HA0001 to HA0213
Units manufactured 183
Units In Operation as of 01/01/2022 179
Length 51.2 ft; Height: 18.1 ft; Wing Span 54.4 ft
Capacity 2 Crew; 8 Passengers
Ramp Weight with full fuel 28,120 lbs
Max Take-off Weight: 28,000 lbs
Average Cruise Speed 430 knots
Ceiling 41,000 ft
Climb Rate 3,415 feet per minute
Range 2,733 NM with seats full
Engines Two Honeywell TFE 731-50R
TBO 6,000 hours
Thrust 5,000 lbs