Warranty Policy

All West Aviation Services, Inc. (All West) will, at our discretion, repair, replace or refund the purchase price of materials found to be defective within 90 days from the date of sale, or thereafter as vendor warranties apply. 

Pro-rated warranties from our vendor(s) will be passed along accordingly. 

All West reserves the right to refuse warranty in cases of tampering, alteration, dismantling, breaking of vendor warranty seals, dropping, mishandling or any other damage which occurs as a consequence of shipping and/or handling. 

All West is not responsible for installation and/or removal costs. 

All West is a “supplier only” and is neither a manufacturer nor a repair station. Our inspection procedures are limited to verifying traceability and proper documentation, as well as visually checking for physical damage on arrival due to packaging and handling mishaps. As such, All West shall not be liable for any consequential, collateral, or extraneous damages resulting from the failure of any part or unit supplied. 

If an exchange unit is supplied to settle a warranty issue, the original date of sale shall remain as the warranty start date. 

Freight charges for warranty unit(s) supplied will be pre-paid if the item is dispatched from our facility. For units dispatched from our vendors, any applicable freight charges shall be passed on to the customer. 

All warranties are subject to final approval pending inspection, acceptance and/or granting of warranty by our vendor(s). 

Clearance Rotables 

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Clearance Rotables are overhauled or repaired rotable items in our inventory where the sale price has been significantly reduced because the tag date (date of overhaul or repair certification) is at least one year old. In most cases, there is no remaining vendor warranty available for Clearance Rotables. 

If a Clearance Rotable item is purchased from All West Aviation and fails within 90 days of the invoice date, All West Aviation will issue a full refund upon return of the failed item

A Customer may elect to purchase a replacement from All West Aviation at the normal exchange price. The replacement unit sale will be treated as a separate transaction. All West Aviation will refund or apply credit accordingly upon receipt of the failed unit. 

After Ninety Days 

If a Clearance Rotable item is purchased from All West Aviation and fails AFTER ninety days from the invoice date, a customer may elect to purchase a replacement from All West Aviation. If any applicable vendor warranty exists, Customer may request a partial warranty credit for the failed unit. In such cases, All West Aviation may, at its sole discretion, return a failed “Clearance Rotable” item to a vendor to address warranty consideration as applicable. Once the vendor addresses the warranty request and completes a written quotation for re-overhaul, credit may be applied to the replacement purchase price on a pro-rata basis.